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C. Everett Koop, MD

MISSION: The American Association of Patients and Providers is a non-profit, non-partisan group of patients, physicians and other health care providers creating   solutions to America's health care challenges. Through synergistic efforts we are implementing common-sense health care programs and services designed to empower patients and protect the patient-doctor relationship. The AAPP is inspired to Transform our current healthcare system by creating an alternative option for those who choose to access it.


PROGRAMS: The following programs have been developed to facilitate the mission of the AAPP.

  • The SimpleCare program educates patients and their providers that the best price occurs when patients pay in full at time of service - PIFATOS.
  • The Cares For America program provides opportunities for those who are financially destitute.  Care is given and patients are given 90 days to give back their time and energy to the community by volunteering at a participating program. 

  • The Doctor, Heal Thyself program is directed to all providers of health care.  This program is a dynamic and expanding array of ideas, tools, techniques and resources designed to enhance the quality delivery of health care and promote clinical excellence.  The AAPP appreciates the diverse and creative endeavors of like minded organizations and uses the Doctor, Heal Thyself program to spread the word about these innovative solutions. 

PHILOSOPHY: Our philosophy is built on a vision to heal our health care system by working together, both patients and their various professional health care providers, including both traditional and alternative medical practitioners. 

  • Doctors of Medicine - MD, 
  • Doctors of Osteopathy - DO, 
  • Podiatrists - DPM, 
  • Chiropractors - DC, 
  • Doctors of Naturopathy - ND, 
  • Psychologists - PhD, 
  • Massage Therapists - LMT, LMP, M-LMP
  • Physician Assistants - PA-C, 
  • Nurse Practitioners - ARNP
  • Other dedicated health care professionals. 

The AAPP acknowledges that a spectrum of health care services exists from which our patients can choose.  These various physicians and health providers are trained for their specific needs. The AAPP appreciates that each health care domain offers a unique perspective to aid the patient in need and can co-exist when patients are allowed to choose their preferred form of health care practitioner. The AAPP believes that by empowering patients with the financial incentives to be responsible for their choices in health care, the country can return to a patient-focused, principle-centered health care system.

GOAL: Our goals are to return to a simple system of healthcare. The programs and services created and implemented by the members of AAPP are designed to cut the vast administrative expense which currently exists in the health care system.  Our programs are promote trust and facilitate releasing our nations health care providers to have the freedom to practice the art in which they have been trained.  

If you feel that the health care system is in need if change, and you believe that the best people to change it are the patients and their health care providers, then join the AAPP today. Our membership is open to all people across this great country, regardless of nationality, religious or political background. We welcome and encourage all people to join our non-profit organization that wish to do something to create a health care system to be proud of, a system that works, and works for the right reasons.

MEMBERS: The AAPP provides patients, physicians and allied health providers with a format to discuss issues relating to health care. The AAPP provides a format to create and implement solutions to the current frustrations which exist with the current system. The AAPP provides resources for those seeking patient-focused, principle-centered healthcare. We will provide a regular online newsletter, we will provide a website with current information relating to health care and links to other recommended sites. We will update members about various programs affiliated with the AAPP and the status of those programs under development. We will continue to allow members to join our organization for the cost of $29 per person per year. Family membership is only $39 per year. We greatly appreciate additional donations beyond the membership fees to our organization, however, special interests will not be given emphasis based on these additional donations.

You may sign up immediately online and print your membership card and materials today!

The American Association of Patients and Providers
AAPP/SimpleCare Membership
PO BOX 59447
Renton, Washington, 98058

Phone: 425.255.4166
Fax: 425.254.1111

Summary of our interests.

  • Empower patients to have the personal choice of any provider across the spectrum of health care alternatives.
  • Simplifying the administrative and financial burdens for patients, businesses and health care providers.
  • Promote wellness education and treatment programs for patients which encompasses complimentary-integrated medical care.
  • Facilitate physician and allied health care provider education to transition into complimentary integrated 21st century healthcare.
  • Focus on the health care problems that are paramount to our society such as obesity, diabetes, smoking, aging, and psychological stress.
  • Promote synergistic cooperation and communication with existing groups and associations that have similar interests to AAPP.
  • Restore simplicity and trust to the health care profession by implementing patient-focused, principle-centered health care programs.

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